For 5 years, I’ve sat at this corner every night, muttering the words Mama taught me to keep the spirits at bay.
“Just keep saying it until you can’t feel them around anymore.” She said the first night they came, I just turned 16 the day before.
“Kumakuma paiwa.” I said it over and over until I could feel their presence no more. But as soon as I closed my eyes, they pounced on me. Literally tearing off my clothes, they molested me till I passed out.

Mama came into my room the next morning, to find me crying. “I think I’m possessed!” I wept, starring at my blood stained sheets. “Mama! A ghost raped me! Two ghosts!” I had lost my mind.
“Shh,” she put her hands over my mouth “don’t speak of them like that, or they’ll be more brutal tomorrow.”


Our Yard Person- Jack

I was tall for a twelve year old. Maybe, that’s why he thought me palatable. He was twenty-five at the time. You’d never think of him as a pervert, Jack. He had just got back from The Gambia, rumour had it that he was deported. I didn’t believe it, he was too cool headed, focused. I mean, what could he possibly had done. Perhaps, the same he tried to do to me.
I was twelve, old enough to crush on people. So yes, I had a huge crush on Jack. He was very likeable, with his accent. Not British or American, just strange and cool. He grew fund of my brothers and I. My mum thought him trust worthy so she let him into our home. Jack became like a brother to us, sharing our meals and keeping late nights in our house.


Justice for who?

I don’t want to talk about the girl who died from rape
From having her genitals ruthlessly abused by sons of Lucifer
I want to talk about the other girl
The one who’s currently being threatened
That if she speaks up she’d die
If she says a word she’d be meat
The one who in the bid to save her life has sworn to silence
Who has earned a limp from the bruises that won’t heal
The girl who in her twelve years of age has been penetrated over 50 times