-Speak Out

While it is very common among us today, nobody wants to speak about it. But, I tell you this, someone has to say the hard things. Someone has to initiate these conversations.

Everyday, another child is molested because nobody talks about these things. They are dirty, so, we leave them out.

That’s the problem. Society has found a way to ignore the issue of abuse. For some reason, it’s swept neatly under the carpet.

A part of me would suggest that this is as a result of the fact that some high profile individuals will get burnt, if we raise the matter. But, how many more Onyochas must die?

There is need for sensitization. There is need to speak out. We must teach, we must talk, we must protest. We must make this things easy to talk about.

We have teenagers, enduring dreadful hurts because no-one would talk about the matter. Not in school, not at home, not even in church. They die, daily, in silence.

Our society is broken because it consists of many broken people. Now, our future is at stake. Because, these broken children and teenagers are our hope for the future.

If we don’t take a stand and do something to help, I fear to imagine what could happen.

Be that voice. Save a soul. Speak out today.

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