… how it happened, how I felt, how I healed.

Few weeks before what happened to Onyocha, I felt a strong incline to give women, who have been abused, a platform to speak out from.

A blog was the best I could come up with at the time. With the doubt that no one would be willing to share their story, I let it lie low ever since.

2019 has tugged hard on my very conscience and I’m ready to do this, afraid.

Allow me to present to you:

Our aim is to help women, who have remained in dark places after their abuse, know that they can recover. Being the reason why we’ll feature stories of abused women who have actually healed or are on some kind of healing process.
*Please read the above paragraph twice*

Testifiers can choose to be anonymous or not, we are interested in the story. We want to know how it happened, how she felt and how she healed.

Until I started to heal, I couldn’t talk about what happened to me. So, I beg you not to feel obliged to tell us your story. Some of us recover sooner, some later, some never heal. But, as soon as you find healing, there sits in your heart an urge to help someone else see the light.


1. FOLLOW this link:
2. CAREFULLY answer the questions that follow.
3. PATIENTLY wait for us to contact you to schedule an interview.

*Fingers crossed*

I look forward to hearing from you.

“We are crushed and created
We are melted and made
We are broken and built up
In the very same way

What I thought would destroy me
Leaves me stronger in its wake”
Crushed and Created
Caitlyn Smith

PS: We’ll also have other features as;
> What I wish I knew before the abuse.
> What I would have done differently.
> …and more

➕ Follow us.

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