Anna, my Anna

I’m the mind of Anna
She lost me that day
She tries in vain find me
I do not desire be found
For I bear her torment
Memories from that day
She cannot remember now
I’m long gone

I vivid recall, how you came
Like a kitten, you were sly
You lured Anna towards your den
Cursed be me for I let her trust you
Wolf! you wore sheep’s fur
Anna, she danced in your song
Warm and playful, my Anna
You sang your deceit backwards
Poor Anna, she heard it as truth
She danced into your arms
You broke her

I bear you no good will
For Anna, my Anna
You stole her innocence
You beat it out of her
Wielding your violent rod
You perceived yourself powerful
Till you saw blood
You didn’t withdraw your armor
Fool! I curse the womb that nutured you

Like Anna, I roam
With no place to rest
We are one, but apart
Lost, in this unfair world
I wish return to Anna
I desire still she forget the pain
I wander in hope
Perhaps, someday, these memories die

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